Woodstock Candy ~ 1981 40th Birthday Retro Decade 80s Candy Gag Gift Basket Box Assortment From Childhood – Milestone Birthday Gifts for 40 Years Old Man or Woman Jr



1981 40th birthday box of retro nostalgic 80s candy comes packed with great memories

80s RETRO CANDY TO CELEBRATE A 40TH BIRTHDAY YEAR: Surprise your friends or family members with a mix of long forgotten candy from the 80s. This candy box assortment is one of the more creative and unusual 40th birthday gifts for men and women turning 40.
SWEET 40TH BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR WOMEN AND MEN TURNING 40: Featuring an assortment of nostalgic childhood candy from their youth, this 1981 candy gift box will bring back great memories of long summer days and trips to the candy store.
BLAST TO THE PAST: Our fun 1981 candy gift box is the perfect answer to keep you away from the ordinary, boring birthday gifts for men turning 40. Forget the neckties, socks, sweaters, or mug and go for a box full of 80s candy from his childhood!
WOODSTOCK’S 40TH BIRTHDAY GIFTS OF 80s CANDY ARE READY TO GIVE: Arrives filled to the brim in a shrink-wrapped festive 1981 candy gift box measuring 9 x 6.5 x 3 inches.