MNIEYU Gold Rose 24K Plated Gold Dipped Rose, Forever Preserved Red Rose Flowers with Stand,Romantic Gift for Valentine’s Day and Anniversary, Best Gifts for Her, Wife,Girlfriend, Mothers Day,Birthday



Product Description

Gold Rose
Gold Rose

Your Lover / Wife / Girlfriend / Mother


For your wife, girlfriend, mom, great grandma,or female friend, sisters and all your beloved ladies.
Rose measures 11.06 -12″ approximately. Combined the flower theme and Theme of Love forever.
this rose dipped in 24k gold will last and isafitting tribute to your love for each other! forgetabout thesame old red Fresh roses that will only last a few days and buy a luxurious, unique gold rose instead
Inaddition to the specific Rose for each anniversary, 24k gold rose can be substituted for most anniversaries if so desired. Gorgeous and unique they are ideal for almost any special occasion.
abrilliant appearance that can never corrode, but will retain its stunning elegance for literally thousands of years.Each piece is a unique work of art that is a stunning symbol of long-lasting friendship, beauty and love.The gilded rose can be used as a gifts for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas. Great gift for lovers anniversary, wedding engagement, valentines day etc.
Item Name: 24k gold rose
Color: Red
Length:10.06-12 in
Ackage Size: 12.5*4.1*3.6 inches
Package Weight: 410g
Product size (L x W x H): 11.02 x 2.75 x 2.75 In
Package size (L x W x H): 12.4 x 4.1 x 3.4 In


24K Gold Rose Artificial Flowers, Love Forever Long Stem Gold Foil Trim Red Rose Flower. Every rose is all handmade by skillful craftsman.Through an extensive process of over 32 steps ensure the delicate details of the petals and leaves remain visible.
Faith in Love – The roses stand for the loyalty of love and the gold represents the nobility of love, the combination of the two means the eternity and sturdiness of love.
Great gift for lovers anniversary, wedding engagement, valentines day etc.Her gesture, motion, and her smiles,Her wit, her voice people heart beguiles,She likes “it”. the best gift things come when you least expect them to. /24k gold rose
Display case interior has recessed channels for the rose, Rich packaging, you can show your loved one how much you care by presenting her with this gorgeous and thoughtful token of appreciation. Love, so soft and warm beside , It would have to be to She/ Gold Plating Rose.

24k rose
24k rose

Gold-plated rose

Gold-plated rose color: red/blue/pink
The moral of the red rose is: “I love you”.
The moral of the Pink rose is:The sincere love.
The moral of the blue rose is:You are my one and only.

Gifts for Her
Gifts for Her

Your Lover
Your Lover

Why are you choosing our MNIEYU gilded rose?

MNIEYU Rose-beautiful golden appearance and (heart-shaped) packaging.
Golden appearance will not corrode and can protect the rose for a long time.
Romantic long stemmed rose flower, as the main part of love, also represents eternal love.

Girlfriend’s Gift √
Birthday √
Christmas Gift √
Mom’s Gift √
Wife’s Gift √
Sweetest Day Gift √
Wedding √
Wedding anniversary √

Each rose A brilliant appearance that can never corrode .

Fresh roses always withered soon.Gold Rose has now artistically combined these enduring symbols into a prestigious gift that lasts an eternity. Representing your unique love!
Production process: Artificial pruning+Handmade dipped gold +Handmade Gold plating

Package includes:
1x 24k gold rose
1x User’s Manual
1x Transparent Stand
1x Gift box


12.5*4.1*3.6 inches
12.5*4.1*3.6 inches
12.5*4.1*3.6 inches

Packa Sizeage Weight
11.68 oz
11.68 oz
11.68 oz

Rose Weight

10.06-12 In
10.06-12 In
10.06-12 In

24K Gold Rose Red with Stand
24K Gold Rose Blue with Stand
24K Gold Rose Pink with Stand

🌹【Perfect protection 】- The stem is completely covered with 24K gold, the petals and leaves are edges with 24K gold, very luxury and bright. Intricate details of the leaves and delicate petals remain visible; The edges and stems are dipped in 24K gold to capture the beauty of both the gold and the real rose.
🌹 【Sweetest Day Gift】– handcraft allows the dipped roses to never fade or deform, which represents your everlasting love to your significant other! Our eternity rose is original rose gold dipped as a whole and handmade individually– It is a special gift that will Last Forever and symbolizes Eternal Love.
🌹 【15 days of extensive masterpieces 】 Rose- dipped in 24 K gold to preserve the roses for a lifetime. Next, they are dipped and plated in 24K Gold to create a breathtaking masterpiece for your lifetime enjoyment. Creating each rose flower is a time consuming process with over 32 meticulous steps and 15 days of hand work by skilled artisans and technicians.
🌹 【”she” smiles in bloom.】A Real Rose Made Gift For Her, A Loving Message. this makes a unique gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc… best gift for girlfriend, wife, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, lover’s birthday, Anniversary etc.
🌹【A Romantic and Unique Gift for Her】- 24k gold rose And be with a transparent stand for conveniently placing/display and an exquisite gift box with magnetic closure. There is recessed channels for the rose in the display case interior, each rose is delicately packed in exquisite gift box to.MNIEYU supports “1 year quality policy”, 90 days unconditional.