MAOMAO Handmade Preserved Fresh Flower Eternity Rose with Musical Box, Unique Gift for Mom, Wife, Her On Mother’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas (Music&red Rose)



Life is too short to wait and hesitate…
Now bravely show your lasting love with our preserved flower roses!
Red rose – Beauty, passion, love and emotional warmth
Blue rose – Miracles and something cannot be achieved
Purple rose -mature love, romantic truth and precious and unique, a symbol of joy and love
Pink Rose-Forever love, first love, special care. Simple Daily Conservation without Watering
To stay pretty, just keeping preserved roses clean in normal surroundings. No need to water.

Work of Art
Made of real roses, keeping fresh flower’s structure, shape, color but stay for a long time, not only a flower but also a work of art: a combination of nature and beauty. Safe to Enjoy
Preserved rose heads have no pollen, even though you are allergic to pollen, no problem to enjoy. Tips:
Eternal roses are ornaments, please do NOT let your babies, kids or pets eat;
Only for indoor decoration, please do NOT put it outside or in the sunshine;
Preserved rose will absorb water and become humid in over-humid area and season, and it will get mildewed, ventilate and shine it to recover;
Rose gets dry on dry weather like fall and winter, but recovers when the weather becomes relatively humid.
Please do NOT put it near air conditioner or vent;
If covered with dust, use blower (cold light wind) to blow the dust at the distance of 8 inches, please do NOT wash it with water or any other detergent;
As roses grow naturally, the size and shape of each is different. Please be well noted! Package: 1* musical box with 3pcs preserved roses
1* Gift Box

Handmade Preserved Flower Rose- Is made of natural real rose with unique preservation process , which can have flowers always stay fresh.rose symbolizes the forever love or emotion for love, family, friends, music box with rose, must be a unique gift.
Give Her Special Gifts On Special Days – Music boxes with immortal rose helps you express your love, thanks or caring to him/her women, wife, girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.;
Unique Heart Shaped Mechanical Music Box- Musical box is Mechanical and manual,no need any battery to drive,The impressed heart-shoped antique retro design musical box make it a beautiful luxurious present, also could be used an Photo Frame, ring box or jewelry box,And the music tune is “Castle in the Sky” with Rhythm 18 notes.
Real Rose Made And Eternal-There are 3pcs never withered roses(1pc*1.8inches & 2pcs*1.18inches) growing in the musical box,Preserved roses are made of fresh roses and designed by professional florists. With biological fresh-keeping technology, they stay beautiful and unwithered for 3-5years;
Perfect Gift To Your Loved-unique retro music box with handmade preserved rose, perfect gift to send on holidays,Each of our immortal rose is thoroughly and rigorously tested, so you can rest assured to buy,Order now!