Love and Friendship Jar with 31 Quotations for Friend, Sister and Others for Birthday Christmas Valentin’s Day – All Quotes are Positive and Motivating. They Create Joyful Mood Here and Now



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Share emotions with this gift

For the past 10 years I’ve been delving deeper into people’s relationships and our feelings that we experience in it. I think it is the most important thing in our life. 
Friendship, on the one hand, is a very simple but also a complex phenomenon, because no relationship can survive and develop without constant engagement, support, and growth. It also takes a lot of effort to notice and see more of the good than the bad and tell it out loud to one another. 
I have been thinking for some time now about positive feelings and a gift that would constantly remind us of our relationship and I am very pleased with the result. 
People appreciate this product because it’s just a very small but important detail in the uphill of relationship building.
Good vibes only, Ramona

This friendship jar contains 31 quotations. 
It is packed in a box that is very beautiful, gives positive vibes and is suitable for a gift.
Jar is 300 ml. Spanish glass product.
Box size 8.4 x 8.4 x10.5
Do not miss the opportunity to buy this friendship and love jar and nurture your feelings for 31 days!
PERFECT GIFT – the perfect gift for friends, sister, cousin and other family members, colleagues, the gift that will amaze and make you happy throughout all 31 days because that’s how many quotations it contains. It’s a perfect gift for anyone that you are friends with or care for. The perfect gift when you are not always able to tell how much you care. This jar will subtly do the job and show how much you value that person. An ideal present for birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation
EVEN MORE PERSONALIZED – quotes are created in a way that after reading most of them your friend would remember some pleasant moment from your friendship. This jar creates love, moments to cherish, satisfaction, good mood and reminds that your relationship is special and your friend is important to you no matter what
MINDFULNESS AND JOY – all quotes are positive, uplifting and motivating. They create joyful mood here and now. They’re an impulse that lights up the mood and helps create even closer bond between people. We all know that keeping up the relationship can be done in different ways, these friendship quotations is just one of them
DESIGN AND COLOURS – it’s all about people and their relationship progress. Round wavy shapes give you elated feelings and a sense of growth. The touch of gold in quote notes give you the sense of easiness and luxury. Colours are alive and subtle suitable for everyone no matter age and gender. Created by a young perspective artist/ designer
Give Friendship jar and enjoy relationship, friendship, good vibes, love, delightful inspiration!