Iams Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken, All Breed Sizes



IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Smart Puppy Dry Dog Food is veterinarian recommended and made with real ingredients. Our kibble recipe starts with farm-raised chicken and includes wholesome grains and veggies. Plus, our quality, easily digestible ingredients provide your small dog with strong immune support, healthy skin and coat, and strong bones. Best yet? Omega-3 DHA makes your puppy even smarter and more trainable. Look for the IAMS difference.
Veterinarians recommend IAMS, so you can feed like a pro
Real, farm raised chicken is the 1st ingredient
Includes 22 key nutrients that are found in a mother’s milk
Promotes healthy cognition with omega 3 DHA for smarter, more trainable puppies
Builds strong muscles with quality protein
Created to fit your puppy’s specific wellness and nutritional needs