I Love You Necklace 24k Gold Inscribed in 120 Languages Including Braille and Sign Language in Miniature Text onto a Round Black Onyx Gemstone Pendant, 18″ Rolo Chain



Product Description

NanoStyle Jewelry Company Logo Unique 24k Gold Inscribed Necklace Pendants for Men and Women
NanoStyle Jewelry Company Logo Unique 24k Gold Inscribed Necklace Pendants for Men and Women

Overwhelm Her in the Most Unique Way!

The World’s Only 24k Gold Inscribed Jewelry!

Maybe you can say it in a few languages, but can you say it in 120?

For the first time ever, a unique, technologically advanced method has allowed us to inscribe the most meaningful messages in 24k gold.

It’s time to gift different, it’s time to present a timeless gift to a special woman in your life with our enticing, unique love collection.
Show her you have an eye for detail. The most beautiful and sentimental gifts come in small packages, the eternal statement of love,
interpreted into the perfect gift idea.

The Whole Package

Unique I Love You necklace inscribed in 24k gold with I Love You in 120 different languages and dialects, including Sign language and Braille
24k gold miniature text imprinted on to a black round onyx gemstone and set in your choice of metal frame
Elegant jewelry gift box ready for gift giving or receiving
Mini magnifying glass to admire every intricate detail
Mini jewelry polishing cloth to keep your precious jewelry shiny
Anti-Tarnish bag to store your jewelry away from exposure to tarnish
Instructions on how to hold your magnifying glass for correct and optimal use

Nano Designs – An Unbreakable Bond of Science and Art

‘Never seen before’ innovative designs, transformed into everyday jewelry

The ingenuity. A place where science and technology meet design and inspiration, a curiosity turned into innovation after more than five years of trial and error resulting in miniature inscriptions in 24k gold imprinted on to semi-precious stones and crystals
The technology. Miniature inscriptions in 24k gold defined in high resolution. A technological revolution adapted to fine jewelry
The concept. The design stage is just the beginning of the journey, ideas and dreams are fashioned into imprinted minuscule designs and then rendered onto our high-tech machinery which carefully inscribes the 24k gold onto the small stones.
The handicraft. Each piece is made to precision and individually handcrafted into the final item.
The precision. Each design takes months of work to achieve the incredible results with precision, hard work and endless passion playing the most important roles

—————————————————— Choose Unique Timeless Jewelry ———————————————-

Your happiness is what matters to us!

We’re sure you’ll be completely happy with the jewelry, in the event that anything should arise, let us know and we’ll make it right, no matter the reason.

All our jewelry is made using the highest quality materials.

We are committed to providing and ensuring the highest quality materials are used, never compromising on standards.

Yes, the text is small, it may even be smaller than the naked eye can see.

That’s why we engineered a mini magnifying glass.

Play around if you’re not finding the focus.We promise you’ll get there!

MEANINGFUL AND ELEGANT the I Love You pendant suspends from an 18 inches, high quality, traditional, Italian made 925 sterling silver rolo chain, packaged in a jewelry gift box, ready for gift giving or receiving. Reveal I love u, je t’aime, te amo, and more with the included mini magnifying glass
LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the stones 24k gold inscription plus a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on the chain. Buy with confidence and should anything arise, NanoStyle’s excellent customer service is here to help. Whether you gift this unique jewelry to a special someone or treat yourself, we’ve got you covered
NEVER SEEN BEFORE NanoStyle jewelry is uniquely imprinted in 24k gold using innovative technology enabling us to place a labyrinth of miniscule text on to small stones, sometimes only visible with the help of a magnifying glass, included with your order. Present her with a surprise on any occasion
PERFECT FOR GIFTING our fine love jewelry makes an ideal anniversary gift idea for her, so treat your wife on your first year, fifth, tenth or 50th wedding anniversary. Delight mom on Mother’s Day, your girlfriend for Valentines Day, your daughter for Christmas or best friend on her birthday