GOCOM Kids Toys Walkie Talkies Birthday Child Gift Walky Talky Handheld Two-Way Radio Boys & Girls Toys Age 4-12, for Indoor Outdoor Hiking Adventure Games 3 Pack



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GOCOM walkie talkiesGOCOM walkie talkies

kids walkie talkieskids walkie talkies


GOCOM children’s walkie-talkie, it is not only the best toy or best gift for children! This is also the fun of exploring for children their curiosity about things. Interact and communicate with parents to shorten the distance between each other. Bring children endless fun and happy childhood memories! ! !

walkie talkies for kidswalkie talkies for kids


With the rapid development of science and technology, mobile phones have become a necessity for adults. Inadvertently, the harm of mobile phones to children (radiation, eyes, hearing, competition) is subtle. GOCOM hopes to give children a naive and happy childhood, accompanied by family and friends. , Instead of all kinds of noisy messages in the phone. If you want your children to grow up healthily and happily, you might as well try to use GOCOM walkie-talkies to replace the attractiveness of mobile phones to children.

walkie talkywalkie talky


Up to 15 miles long distance, mountain barrier-free, high seas 6.5 miles, city 1 mile (tested in a good environment, for reference only, different obstacles will affect the actual effective distance), can bring your child An impressive outdoor experience.

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kid toys

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toys gift

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Xmas gifts

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toys for 4 year old


The cute “blink” attract each other to become friends, guide children to better organize language skills. 5 kinds of ringtones are available. 9 channels enough for children to use, and the volume can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment.


Also the fun of exploring for children their curiosity about things. Interact and communicate with parents to shorten the distance between each other.


We have attached a lanyard to each product, which is more convenient to use in different environments, buckle can be detached and worn on the school bag to prevent loss. The lanyard has many uses and can be used in other suitable places.


The firm back clip makes the walkie-talkie easy to carry. Screws that cannot be removed to prevent loss or swallowing. Many times of processing make the material smooth and not scratchy. Buttons made of rubber have a longer service life.

πŸ˜„[GOCOM- kid toys] We are happily waiting for the festival to come, but don’t forget to bring a heartfelt gift to the children who are celebrating the festival together! GOCOM walkie talkie is a good choice. The mixed colors can always quickly distinguish which color should be given to which friend She will love it.
πŸƒ[GOCOM- adorable design] In addition to the “blinking” eye during usage, it is also made of durable and environmentally friendly materials. It is adorable, compact, lightweight, and has an impressive drop resistance design. The product’s form factor is ergonomic and easy to hold. A variety of sounds are available for children to have fun and provides endless entertainment for children!
πŸ™Œ[GOCOM- User friendly] This walkie-talkie has simple functions and is very suitable for children. It has longer battery life, can be automatically turned off to save energy(only power off after inactive for a period of time), call tone, channel scan, automatic channel lock, low battery alert and etc. Children only need to press and hold the PTT button to keep in touch with friends and family. It has 9 channels with fixed privacy code 1 to promote good communication.
πŸ˜‡[GOCOM- Intelligent and Safety] It can help parents to monitor their children in real time, keep them in sight, and communicate immediately when the children need emergency personnel. The radio battery door also comes with screw design to prevent children from accessing the battery easily. Children’s walkie-talkies are also equipped with belt clips and lanyards to enhance children’s experience and are also very suitable for outdoor usage.
πŸ’‘[GOCOM- Exquisite Gifts-Wishes] Exquisite gifts and very suitable for 4 years old and above-GOCOM walkie-talkie is a creative electronic product, especially suitable for children’s birthday or holiday wishes. It can be used as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthday gifts. It is also ideal for children to play in various activities (biking, horse riding, hiking, camping, outdoor parties).