Eternal Flower Preserved Rose Enchanted Rose in Glass Dome Rose lamp Gifts Infinite Love Handmade Gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day Girlfriend Valentine’s Day Wedding (Red)



The rose set is a classic decoration composed of artificial roses, hemispherical glass, black wooden base and LED string lights. Very suitable for home decoration, no matter where it is placed, it is great. The rose lamp creates a pleasant interior feeling.
Artificial roses will never fade and can be stored forever. This is a very unique way of confession. LED rose lights can be used for room decoration or to create a romantic atmosphere during the day and night. It symbolizes blessing, eternal love, passion and romance.
The real roses we keep are made of high-grade artificial roses, with warm-color dome lights, and are packaged in a glass dome. The glass dome can be opened to add rings or anything you want
The real glass cover makes the LED lamp brighter than the plastic cover. Tiny LED lights are embedded in the petals. From the rose to the petals falling on the petals, the warm white light illuminates the entire glass dome and even the surrounding objects. The warm lighting also brings a romantic atmosphere.
Unique, exquisite and creative gift decorations, such as romantic Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, parties, weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals, etc., especially romantic candlelight dinners. Provide classic and unique gifts for family and friends.