Anekha Mom Blanket – Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket – Lovely Gift for Mom on Birthdays, Special Occasions – Meaningful Words for Mom, 60in x 50in (Crimson Velvet)



This SHERPA FLEECE THROW BLANKET is a lovely and useful gift for Mom. Available in six colors – Grey, Navy Blue, Teal, Rose Red, Crimson Velvet and Olive. CRIMSON VELVET is an elegant color that is fit for a queen. It resembles red wine, maroon or burgundy. It is the color of the Queen’s coronation robe, traditionally worn by the British monarch. Search up this robe on the internet to see what an exquisite piece of work it is. This Sherpa throw blanket comes with a heartfelt message of appreciation to Mom for being there for you, supporting you, comforting you and inspiring you. A great way to tell Mom I LOVE YOU! Words on the blanket include: – MY MOTHER – BRAVE WOMAN – MY COMFORTER – PROBLEM SOLVER – BEST MOM EVER – KNOWS BEST – RELIABLE – DETERMINED – MY ROCK – WISE BEYOND WORDS – ALWAYS THERE FOR ME – INSPIRING – LOVES A CUDDLE – BLESSED – LOVELY SMILE – I ❤ MOM – SELFLESS – THANK YOU Be it whether Mom is reading, watching a movie, chatting on the phone or taking a nap on the couch, it’s always great for her to snuggle under this Sherpa fleece throw blanket. Mom can also use this Sherpa blanket in bed at night. It is a sleep accessory that helps to regulate body temperature and improve quality of sleep. It has a calming effect if Mom is feeling anxious or unsettled. On cold nights, Mom can use this Sherpa blanket as a second layer of covering under her duvet or comforter to keep warm.
Sherpa Fleece and Flannel Fleece
👩‍👧 A LOVELY GIFT BLANKET FOR MOM. For Mom’s Birthday, special days or simply to let Mom know you love and appreciate her. It is a gift specially personalized for Moms.
👩‍👧 A MOM BLANKET WITH NEW, UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL DESIGN. Includes words that tell Mom you appreciate her qualities and let her know how much she means to you. New color – Crimson Velvet.
👩‍👧 A SOFT, COMFORTABLE and COZY SHERPA FLEECE BLANKET that Mom will adore. Mom can snuggle up with this fluffy plush Sherpa Blanket on the couch while reading, watching TV, having a chat or taking a nap. Mom can also use this Sherpa blanket in bed at night to help her feel protected and sleep better.
👩‍👧 A DOUBLE LAYER SHERPA MOM BLANKET. 180gsm Sherpa Fleece on one side and 230gsm Flannel Fleece on the reverse. ‘Single’ size, 60in x 50in. Lightweight but traps body heat to keep warm. Suitable for all seasons.
👩‍👧 EASY CARE. This Sherpa Mom blanket is machine-washable with cold water.