7oz Lavender Scented Candles – Friendship Gifts, Birthday Gifts for Women, Gifts for Best Friend, Sister, BFF, Bestie – Natural Soy Wax Pure Essential Oil Scented Candles



Storage method:
Please place it in a cool and dry place between 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit, away from direct sunlight.

When the candle is moved from a cooler place to a warmer place, the temperature difference is too large may cause the essential oil inside the candle to liquefy, so it is normal to see liquid on the surface of the candle, the liquid is not water and the candle can be used directly.

1. When burning for the first time, it is recommended that the candle continue to burn for 2-3 hours, until the surface of the candle is evenly heated and melted, and keep indoor air circulation when burning;
2. Please trim the candle wick to 6-8mm before each burning;
3. When extinguishing the candle, do not blow it out directly with your mouth in order to avoid smoke, try to use tools to pour the candle wick into the wax liquid, and then straighten the cotton wick.

1. Do not leave lit candles unattended;
2. Do not move the burning candle, the candle should be placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface;
3. Pay attention to fire safety, do not place the product at an angle;
4. Keep away from children and pets, pregnant women and allergic people with caution.

48 HOURS BURNING TIME: It is made of excellent raw materials, German candle wick and French fragrance. Stable color, burn evenly, no black smoke, long lasting fragrance.
BIRTHDAY GIFT: This funny saying is printed on the candle. it is a great gifts idea for your girl friend, bf.
GREAT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Perfect for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room office or foyer, yoga.
SERVICE GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with our products or receive any defective product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply promptly and refund or replacement of item as soon as possibole.